Sunday, May 29, 2011

Other Projects

Teaching Watercolor
Starting this Wednesday, June 1st, I'm going to be teaching a watercolor class at Rumble Arts, in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood.  Rumble Arts is an all ages, multicultural, community arts organization serving Chicago’s Humboldt Park neighborhood.  
From the Rumble Arts website, "We offer donation based classes in art, music, dance, yoga, martial arts, writing, and performance in addition to special workshops and cultural events. By providing educational opportunities for all ages, we actively cultivate an environment where entire families can come together to learn, teach, and play under the same roof.

Our open door policy and sliding scale fees are designed to make it as easy as possible to walk right off the street into a rewarding educational experience, regardless of financial means."

I'm really excited to be teaching a class at Rumble Arts, which will provide foundational techniques for beginning watercolor painters, as well as develop the confidence and abilities of participants experienced in the medium.  Students will explore methods of mixing colors, applying washes, and using tones and values in composition.  Activities will encourage students to explore varied techniques from representational work to loose, fluid abstracts.  Projects might include still lifes, landscapes, portraiture and figure painting.

Come by this Wednesday or any Wednesday, 6-8pm, for fun with watercolor painting!
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  1. Jane, congratulations! I love that all ages and incomes can participate in the joys of the arts. How did your first class go?

  2. I think the first class was a success! Good attendance and lots of fun with color wheels and value charts.